US Immigrant Workers Union

Legal Support for Immigrant Workers

Join the US Immigrant Workers Union for legal consultation and support on workplace, immigration, education, and housing issues.

Legal Consultation
Union Rights

“Great legal support for immigrant workers.”

Xi Chen

Xi Chen (President of Asian American Law Association)

Legal Consultation and Support

Access health care, legal services, and protect your union rights.

Access to Health Care

The US Immigrant Workers Union provides access to health care services to ensure the well-being of its members.
Access to Health Care

Legal Services

Receive legal services to address workplace, immigration, education, and housing issues from experienced attorneys.
Legal Services

Union Rights Protection

Protect your union rights with the support and advocacy provided by the US Immigrant Workers Union.
Union Rights Protection

"I am proud to be part of an organization that fights for the rights of immigrant workers."

Xiaofei Li
(Union Member)

Join Now for Support.

The US Immigrant Workers Union has been instrumental in providing legal guidance and support to immigrant workers like me. Their dedication to ensuring fair treatment in the workplace and protecting our rights is commendable.